Want to increase your Salary? Take a long term view.

Who wouldn’t like to add an extra £1,000 a month to their take home pay?

Sometimes it feels like an extra £1,000 would make all the difference. But what does it really take to add £12K into your pocket?

Well for most salaried workers that would take a lot of years of 2-5% pay rises! The secret here is to take a long term view and to up-skill yourself.

Take a look up the pay ladder to someone who is earning more than you. The heartening thing is that in any industry, the people who are heading the way today were once not even in the industry. They’ve learned what it takes and progressed through the steps. And you can too.

One senior HR Director has recently said that due to the ageing workforce and the lack of up-coming technical talent she fears that the “Talented Few” will be able to dictate the their terms of employment because they are so scarce yet so essential. The fact is that that day is already here....

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The War for Talent – Salaries are Rising!

As those of us close to recruitment know, there is always a shortage of talent. Even when jobs seem to be disappearing faster than ever, Talent is still not only sought-after but also handsomely paid.

According to the Recruitment & Employement Confederation and KPMG, the starting salary index for permanent staff jumped from 53.9 in June to 56.1 in July 2010. This is the highest it’s been since April 2008.

In contrast the number of jobs available is still slipping away. This of course means that there is ever more competition and overall, employer are willing to pay more for better candidates.

It’s never been more lucrative to be brilliant!


That’s why we tell our Clients how important it is to genuinely shine – both from the pages of your CV to your dazzling interview performance. So often we see candidates with lacklustre CVs and less than standout interview skills. And while it’s still possible to get the job, such candidates are...

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