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Clients Have Landed Jobs With Many Of The World's Most Popular Employers Including...

How Do We Help Our Clients?

We have a complete range of solutions for individuals and companies and for every budget

1 on 1 Personal Coaching

Individual programmes tailored precisely to the needs of each client. Needs and solutions are discussed and matched on a free introduction call. 


Online Courses

Select the course that suits your needs. We have mini courses covering Career Direction, CV Writing, Interview Skills, Networking, Salary Negotiation and more...


Corporate Solutions

B2B solutions for Corporations, SMEs and Non-Profits/Charities include: Group LinkedIn Training, Group Coaching and Custom Outplacement Services.


Done For You Services

Sam Waterfall takes on a limited number of Private Clients. With this service, Sam will personally research and write your new CV / Resume as well as optimise your LinkedIn Profile to accelerate your job search. The waiting list is usually 7-14 days.


Career Direction Coaching

Whether you are just beginning your career or considering a direction change, answering the BIG "What Next For Me?" question can be one of the toughest challenges - fraught with anxiety and FOMO (fear of missing out).


First 90 Days Coaching

What if you've been offered the dream job? The next challenge is producing a dazzling performance and exceeding expectations during the all important probationary period. This programme breaks down every step and holds your hand at this vital time.


3 Reasons Now Is The Time To Change

A huge percentage of people hate their current job and believe they are under paid. If you are dissatisfied, unhappy or bored, Career Coaching can rapidly change your income, your happiness and your life.

It's Your Time

There is more to each of us than our job. But what we do for a living occupies much of our time and often defines where we spend it and who we spend it with. The sands of time are rapidly sliding away. Are you spending your time with the right humans?

It's Your Income

There is more to life than money. But given the choice, wouldn’t you rather be earning more than less? If you find yourself with too much money, you can always give some away. Until then it’s going to represent more choices for you and those you love.

It's Your Life

As far as we know, you get this life once. Are you making the most of it? Are you doing all you want to do? Or are you wasting your life in the wrong places with the wrong people doing the wrong things?

Meet Your Coach - Sam Waterfall

Sam founded Obvious Candidate back in 2004. Since then his books, courses and individual coaching programmes have helped thousands of people land dream jobs and pay raises.

Sam is the author of 3 books including the Amazon Kindle Bestseller "The 7 Essential CV Upgrades".

Sam has served clients in over 50 countries on 5 continents. They have landed jobs with many of the world's most sought after employers including Virgin, Facebook, McKinsey and Nike.

Sam has been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox News and Yahoo! Finance. He is a TEDx speaker and a regular guest lecturer at leading Business Schools.

He specialises in working with clients to transform their lives and incomes by landing their dream jobs, faster than they ever thought possible.


Career Direction

The single most common problem our clients arrive with is not knowing what they want to do with their career or their life. There are few decisions bigger. There are few decisions more important. We guide our clients to make this decision.

Personal Marketing Tools

We provide our clients with all the marketing assets they need to promote themselves into the right next role. These days that goes far beyond a CV and covering letter. We help our clients produce a complete toolbox for applications, online marketing and 1-to-1 networking.

Getting Started Is Easy & Free

Click here to watch our introductory video. It's full of job search acceleration tips you can start applying today. And it explains how the programme works...


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