Recruiters Don’t Read Your CV or Resume

Everyone is busy these days. Effective communication is more important than ever – and nowhere more so than in your CV or resume. If you’re trying to catch the attention of a Hiring Manager, Recruiter or Business Owner, applying these 3 tips could dramatically accelerate your job search success.

1)   Headline Yourself With A “Big Idea”

One thing is for sure in job search, blending in is like a kiss of death. You need to stand out. And stand out for the right and relevant reasons. Introduce yourself with a “Big Idea”, something specific, that has meaning and instant appeal to your target audience. Maybe you’re a ‘CIMA-qualified Management Accountant specialising in the Adventure Travel Sector’. Maybe you’re a ‘Multi-Award-winning Creative Director’. Whatever you are, make sure you’re introducing yourself with fact + dazzle, so you stand far-out from the crowd.

2)   Elevator...

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How to select a professional CV writing service?

If you are about to start a job search process or if you’ve been looking for a while and haven't been getting invited to interviews, then a professionally written CV could be a smart investment for you.

In this post, we take a look at why you should use a professional CV writer and how you should go about selecting the right one from the hundreds out there.

Why get your CV written by a Pro?

– Probably the biggest reason is that your rival candidates have already done this! If you are going to even start this race for the job you need to be on the same start line!

– Quite simply there’s no comparison. Not many of use try to fix our own car, dry clean our own clothes, be our own lawyer. For the same reason we shouldn’t assume that CV writing is just something we can ‘turn our hand to’ when the time comes.

– They know the tricks of the trade. They will include the ‘magic words’ which...

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