The New Explainer Ad From Obvious Candidate Career Coaching


This is the new ad created to introduce the Obvious Candidate Career Coaching services to new my clients.

The big idea is that, very often, job seekers and promotion hunters are struggling, trying different things. It can be frustrating and very slow. And worse, brilliant opportunities to progress careers can be wasted for talented people because they are not introducing themselves and their skills effectively through job applications or interview performances.

So, rather than trying to go it alone, I'm here as their guide. But better still, I'm a guide with a plan, based on over 17 years' experience helping people achieve the positive career change they want.  For some it's a direction change. For others it's about earning more money. For others still it can be about moving on from a negative experience or a horrible boss. Whatever the reason, I have a plan for them to follow.

My clients are always the hero in the story. I'm in the background. I have the know-how and the...

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Recruiters Don’t Read Your CV or Resume

Everyone is busy these days. Effective communication is more important than ever – and nowhere more so than in your CV or resume. If you’re trying to catch the attention of a Hiring Manager, Recruiter or Business Owner, applying these 3 tips could dramatically accelerate your job search success.

1)   Headline Yourself With A “Big Idea”

One thing is for sure in job search, blending in is like a kiss of death. You need to stand out. And stand out for the right and relevant reasons. Introduce yourself with a “Big Idea”, something specific, that has meaning and instant appeal to your target audience. Maybe you’re a ‘CIMA-qualified Management Accountant specialising in the Adventure Travel Sector’. Maybe you’re a ‘Multi-Award-winning Creative Director’. Whatever you are, make sure you’re introducing yourself with fact + dazzle, so you stand far-out from the crowd.

2)   Elevator...

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