How to select a professional CV writing service?

If you are about to start a job search process or if you’ve been looking for a while and haven't been getting invited to interviews, then a professionally written CV could be a smart investment for you.

In this post, we take a look at why you should use a professional CV writer and how you should go about selecting the right one from the hundreds out there.

Why get your CV written by a Pro?

– Probably the biggest reason is that your rival candidates have already done this! If you are going to even start this race for the job you need to be on the same start line!

– Quite simply there’s no comparison. Not many of use try to fix our own car, dry clean our own clothes, be our own lawyer. For the same reason we shouldn’t assume that CV writing is just something we can ‘turn our hand to’ when the time comes.

– They know the tricks of the trade. They will include the ‘magic words’ which influence recruiters (yes certain words will dramatically improve your success rate!).

– They will avoid all the common mistakes that we all make when we try to write our own CV. And they’ll be really objective and tell you what you MUST leave out (like that summer job when you were 17 that you are still so proud of).

So just how do you select a Professional CV Writing Service?

– First: Look for someone that is commercial too. Some CV services do nothing but write CVs. While focus is a good thing, at Interview Doctor we believe that CVs are better when they are written by experienced professionals. That’s why our CV consultants have all worked in Senior Commercial roles or in HR as hiring managers – some of them are still consultants to major organisations. This means they know exactly what it takes for a CV to impress.

– Second: Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest service. Sure money can be an obstacle. Especially when you are in between jobs. But think where it’s wise to save money. Saving £100 on a CV and missing out on a job which pays £5,000 more might not be the smartest move. We advise you look around. Be sure what you are getting. It takes time to write a professional CV – many hours. Like everything else in life you tend to get the quality you pay for.

– Third: Look for a guarantee. While no one can guarantee you will get the job – only you can do that part – some level of assurance in the service you are buying is another sign of credibility and quality. At Interview Doctor we offer a simple, no quibble guarantee: “Your best CV ever, or it’s free”. We work with our Clients and take time to ensure the document we prepare with them is precisely what they require. And we make revision until they are 100% delighted.

– Fourth: Find out who you are dealing with. Are you going to speak to an expert or are you simply going to upload the CV to a computer and the writing could be outsourced overseas? At Interview Doctor you will be assigned an expert consultant who will work with you through the entire process. Our Clients find by the end of the CV preparation their confidence is sky-high because they’ve discovered their own strengths and know how to talk about them at interview thanks to our coaching process.

Can you get your Professional CV Writer to update your LinkedIn Profile too?

 – Fifth: What extras and follow on services can you get? If you are buying a CV can you negotiate a better price on a professionally written cover letter at the same time? Can they also update your LinkedIn profile? What about Salary Negotiation training? Here at Interview Doctor we show our Clients how to avoid the pitfalls of salary negotiation. When you’ve done all the hard work, knowing how to negotiate and what not to do can literally add thousands or tens or thousands to your salary in just a few minutes. Minute-for-minute and pound-for-pound, that can be the best investment you ever make!

So there you have it. Why you should invest in a professional CV writer and what to look out for when you select one.

To book a free consultation for a free CV review simply contact us on 02071019495.



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