University Admissions Interviews – 5 Tips For Parents

Is Your Child Facing University Interviews?

It’s that time of year when nervous school leavers are being ferried around the country for university admissions interviews by even more nervous parents.

And of course it’s double trouble: Firstly, as a parent, it is difficult to remember what this moment feels like and it may have been so long since you were interviewed that you probably don’t feel well placed to advise on what the questions may be asked, never mind what the best answers might be. Secondly, we know that taking expert advice from parents isn’t always the 17-18-year-olds’ preferred learning dynamic.

So what can you do if you know your young adult would benefit from some guidance and you don’t feel best placed to offer it?

Increasingly, parents are investing in interview coaching and performance coaching to prepare them to ace their admissions interviews. And it’s hardly surprising. There’s a lot at stake. Whether you’ve...

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How to Deal with Disappointing Exam Results on Your Curriculum Vitae.

It’s a fact that stellar grades and education from top schools can often open many doors to job opportunities and career success.  What is less well known is that they are far from essential.

Case studies abound of high profile business successes who have, at best, a middling academic record. We often hear about how Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and how Richard Branson didn’t finish school.

“You’re Hired!”



More recently in the UK, we saw reality TV contestant, Ruth Badger make it to runner up on The Apprentice. Ruth now runs her own consultancy In her own words Ruth said “I left school the moment I could. I hated it.” She points out the irony that she is now constructing £22million business plans with her Clients, yet back in school, couldn’t pass her GCSEs.


You can earn six figures without top grades

Ruth’s first job was on a Youth Training Scheme, from where she quickly...

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