The Countries With Highest And Lowest Salary Expectations

If you’re conducting research to investigate appropriate salary expectations or support your salary negotiation or trying to understand the value of your skills if you move to another country, this article from may be a helpful starting point.

It’s quite amazing to see the huge gulf in salary expectations and actual salaries paid for doing very similar jobs in different countries.

Take a look at the article here: Forbes Salary Expectations Article

But what can you do about it?

  • The first step is always research.

Checklists like the one above and conduct a detailed investigation into what is the correct market rate for this kind of job in your country and city.  Some of the famous salary surveys from sites like (check Glassdoor in your country) and will be a good starting point.

  • Prepare your response.

One of the most important steps is never to accept the job at the salary first offered. We’ve seen too many candidates who were so excited to be offered a job that they said “Yes” on the spot. Only to regret their hasty acceptance at their leisure. 6 months later they realise they agreed too quickly and that they left thousands of extra salary payments on the table.

A good rule is to always thank your potential employer for their offer. And say that you will respond within 24 hours when you’ve had time to consider it. This demonstrates wisdom rather than desperation. You can still be polite. You can still be excited. But you show that you are someone who takes big decisions seriously. This will help you get closer to your salary expectations and not theirs.

  • Prepare your numbers and your words.

This should be done on a case by case basis. Here at Obvious Candidate, we work with our coaching clients to prepare responses that achieve substantial gains in their rewards. This is often in salary, but in addition to salary, we explore how we can maximise benefits too. In one recent negotiation, we guided a client to respond within 24 hours and we moved from 15 days vacation time to unlimited vacation time. Now, this was a huge win and meant that our client could spend much of the year working from locations of their own choosing.

To find out more about our Salary Negotiation Training and how you can meet your salary expectations check our offer here. We always aim to add 5-10% to our clients starting salaries, and as a minimum, we set out to ensure that their increased earnings and take home value significantly exceeds anything they pay us in our fees. That’s why our Obvious Candidate clients so often recommend us, and, more importantly, come back to work with us again for their next move.



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